Do you ever get the spark of motivation to make a change, but that spark doesn’t last, and you end up slipping back into old patterns?

Have you felt like you’re trying EVERYTHING to create healthier habits, yet they don’t seem to stick?

For most of us, that is a resounding YES, another YES, and then a feeling of defeat or shame. But I’m going to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. And I’m creating the space for you to give yourself you another way to live.

This is what happens to the majority of us when we want to make a change:

We get triggered but the results of something we have done, maybe it’s a stomach ache after eating ice cream at night, the pang of guilt after yelling at our kids, or the longing regret of skipping a workout, again. A part of us says “I don’t want to be like this! I want to make a change!” In that moment, 5% of our being is waking up off autopilot to challenge the current state of our lives.

From there, we try to make change by changing our actions. We write out meal plans, make promises to our friends and family, put post-its around the house with reminders and try our best to stick to our new regimen. But after feeling that initial spark to make a change, we are still running the same old programming. 95% of our being, our subconscious mind, is still on autopilot, using the same operating system based on the accumulation of all of our conditioning and beliefs that we have picked up throughout our life.

The truth is that we are not weak, lacking willpower or self control; we are simply approaching change from the wrong side. We’ve been trying to bust down the back door this whole time, not realizing that the entrance was actually around front, and we could use a key to unlock it.

Rather than white-knuckling changes in what we are DOING and hoping that would result in a different person we’re BEING, we’re going straight to shifting our BEING, so that we can then DO what’s in line with this new identity, with less resistance and backsliding because we are reconditioning ourselves and creating new autopilot settings.

Are you ready to make an identity shift, and become a different person who actually does the things you’ve been wishing you could get yourself to do? It’s time for your own personal evolution.