I’m really mad.

I live in New Jersey and pass through Times Square often along with about 460,000 other people, being bombarded by the enormous, flashy billboards promoting the latest hot trendy items. The newest stories-high ad has me infuriated, and I know I’m not alone.

Flat Tummy Co installed a huge billboard promoting their appetite suppressing lollipops, and with its pink background and tagline Girl, Tell Them To #SUCKIT, is claiming 1.5 million BABES and counting. “Just have one whenever you start to feel hungry!”

To make matters worse, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities have sold out and shared sponsored posts on their Instagram feeds promoting the appetite suppressing lollipops. Kardashian deleted her post after incredible backlash from her followers, but Tori Spelling stood behind her paid advertisement, saying she only posts what she really believes in. YUCK.

Why am I so pissed off about this (and hope that you are too)? These ads are targeted at young girls. These young girls are fans and followers of the Kardashians, who are arguably only famous for their enhanced bodies, lips and faces. The beauty and weight loss industry sells insecurities, thin ideal and the objectification of women’s bodies. Aren’t we fed up with this yet?

This is more of the insane diet culture that makes billions of dollars selling things that 1. don’t work and 2. reinforce the self-objectification that leads to girls do worse on math and spelling comprehension tests, raise their hands less in the classroom, are less likely to speak up for themselves for fear of what others might think, can’t run as fast, throw a ball as far or lift as heavy of weights because they are monitoring themselves based on what they think others are thinking of them. This is one of the leading causes of eating disorders in young women, and yet the ads and posts continue.

This is about more than just a lollipop. A lollipop is a product primarily consumed by children. And this lollipop is being sold as a replacement for food. Not only are they are not FDA approved, but the only study done on them was paid for by the manufacturer of the key ingredient. It’s a scam and a money-making scheme that does more damage than the mid-day snack that these lollipops allegedly replace, ever could.

Flat Tummy Co is just one of the endless number of brands trying to get us to buy a product inspired to help us be more beautiful. Let’s be more than beautiful. Enough is enough. And STOP CALLING US BABES!