I can’t lose the weight.I need to find the one.I’ll never get the job I want.

is this you?

You’ve tried everything and still you can’t achieve that one big goal.

Every time you fall down, you beat yourself up for falling.

It seems so simple, if you could just lose the weight, get the date, land the dream job, you’d be… Happy? Worthy? Enough?

you’ve been hooked.

Hooked into thinking that you have a physical problem.

The extra weight, singledom, career envy isn’t the problem.

The problem is “I’m not enough” – and that’s a spiritual problem.

You can’t solve a spiritual problem with a physical solution.

Using shame, guilt, fear, and worry as a means to joy doesn’t work.

The good news? Everything you need is already within you.

it’s time to get unhooked.


I’ve synthesized the key elements of a successful daily routine into an easy plug-and-play morning practice.

Really, all you need to do is plug in your headphones and press play. No more researching, Googling, picking or choosing. I’ve already done all the work for you.

If this is the first time we’ve met, I’m so happy you’re here! I’ve spent the past 20 years teaching and public speaking with a focus on the mind-body-spirit connection.

My mission is to lead people everywhere to practice self-love, body positivity and gratitude. I believe in inspiring you to live an inspired life – because inspired people become greater by far, than they ever dreamed they’d be.

I send you an email early in the morning.You wake up.You play the 5 minute track I’ve recorded for you.

You have the best day ever.

Repeat for 14 days.

You get unhooked.


This morning practice has shifted my mindset, it’s like magic. But I did have to be willing to step into it and commit to it.

I learned to let go of obsessing over my weight and dieting, and yet I’m getting more compliments than ever on how I’m glowing and look fabulous!

When I finally incorporated this practice, my income quadrupled and clients came en masse from mystery places!

The changes I am now making in my life should have occurred years ago, but it took my boost in self confidence and focus to make them finally happen.

Miracles show up in my life everyday!