Do you self-objectify?

Is your self-worth determined by your looks, because that’s how you believe others judge you?

When I was pregnant 7 years ago, I realized how much I actually did. I felt absolutely beautiful. The noise in my head about my weight stopped and obviously it wasn’t because of my weight, but because I finally saw my body as valuable for more than what it looked like.

It was the first time in as long as I could remember that I stopped dieting, exercising to lose weight and focused and fully taking care of myself. My body had a purpose and that purpose was bigger than any other purpose I’d previously assigned it!

After I had Olivia I vowed to do my best to keep that feeling. To see my body as a vehicle for life. But it was hard. Especially right afterwards. But what I did maintain was the promise I made to myself to pave the way for my daughter, my family and my community.

When my daughter was born, so was the fierce mother who refuses to sit on the sidelines and be a part of a 28 billion dollar fitness industry that constantly tries to sell us on the idea that women’s bodies are to be looked at, evaluated and objectified.

It’s toxic and leads to too many people trying to shrink and reduce themselves instead of showing up and being seen authentically.

That’s why I created intenSati and spiritual fitness. To help break the cycle of preoccupation with the body and shift our focus from looking good, to feeling good no matter what we weigh, our shape or age. It’s time to wake up and birth a new reality! We are more than our body; we have a body so we can be of service and create a better world for all!

If you’re tired of self-objectifying and seeing yourself through critical eyes, join the Sati365 waitlist for many free gifts and more information about Sati365.