Set yourself free from limiting beliefs

Awaken your confidence

Revive your energy

Reclaim your worthiness

Create success and happiness

on your own terms

one day at a time

How often have you used guilt to try to get yourself to change?

Have you felt that if you could just stick to your diet and lose weight, you’d find the happiness and success you desire?

How small are you playing because don’t really want to be seen?

For too long so many of us have believed that if we change on the outside we can change the inside.

But the problem is not what you are doing the problem is who you are being.

Your life follows your thinking.

Your thinking leads to how you are feeling.

Your feelings inspire action.

And that is how you get results.

Many of us are so focused on what we are doing, we are not realizing that who we are being (a combination of thought and feeling) is what is determining the results we’re getting.

You’ll never become happier by hating yourself more.

You will never make yourself follow through on what you don’t truly want to do.

You can never guilt or shame yourself into a healthier and happier life.

Thoughts of judgment and hate will never lead to a life of love, health and happiness.



Instead of simply yearning to get healthy, be successful or feel great, you have to choose it.

  • to wake up and decide to align your thoughts, words and actions with the outcome you want.
  • who you want to be, not just what you want to have.
  • loving thoughts, loving words and loving actions every day, one day at a time

All of what you have in your life and what you will have today and in the future is the result of what you think and what you visualize.

Your imagination is your tool of creation.
…have you harnessed its power?

If you are not living the health, happiness and success you want, it is because you have been doing more worrying, stressing, judging and hating then you have been loving, appreciating, celebrating and declaring.

It’s Time for


The Evolution is a monthly membership for those of us who are done trying to fit in, reduce and shrink in order to be seen as ideal, beautiful or enough and instead consciously decide to dictate what happiness, health, beauty, success and vitality means to us.

It is about remembering you are creating your experience of your life every single day with your thoughts, words and actions.

If you aren’t growing, evolving and improving, it’s time to take back your life and decide that you are in charge of how you experience yourself and your life, one day at a time.

Instead of following the rules, let’s focus on creating new ones, ones that we choose and decide are in the best interest of our souls’ yearning to experience unconditional love.

True sustainable change is a change of identity.

Changing how you see yourself.
Changing how you speak to yourself.
Changing how you choose what you think, say and do.

Changing your body or your bank account isn’t going to give you
what you are really hungry for, which is a feeling.

A feeling that you are enough as you are.
A feeling that you have the power to choose what is right for you.
A feeling that you are not alone, you are meant to be here.
and you deserve to create the life experience your soul is yearning for.

It’s in your hands. You’ve got the power.

It’s time to exercise it.

How Does It Work?

Every other week I’ll send you a guided mind training Practice (10 minutes or less) to wake up your heart and focus your attention in the direction you want your life to go, accompanied by a mini-guide with the inside information on where it comes from, how to use it in your daily life, and the benefits you’ll experience.

If you choose to invest in Level 2, your experience will be upgraded by the support and accountability of a private community and the guidance of a weekly livestream with me, focused on one key message for you to Integrate and experiment with, so that you can reprogram your own mind and become the architect of your life.

If you are all-in and fully committed to developing lifestyle habits that will help you revive your heart, body and mind one day at a time so you can show up ready fully in your life, I invite you to join Level 3, the deepest Immersion:

This level has limited spots available as it includes our monthly group coaching call with an intimate group of like-minded women where you’ll get to work directly with me on what’s happening for you today. We’ll also meet together live once a year for an experiential retreat in New York City.

awaken confidence
set yourself free
revive energy
reclaim worthiness
create happiness
feel successful

in less than 10 minutes per day.

What’s Included?
Join the Evolution

Patricia Moreno is the trailblazing founder of spiritual fitness and creator of the intenSati method, leading a conversation about the importance of each and every one of us waking up and changing the inner dialogue that’s been holding us back. She combines her over 20 years experience and expertise in movement, mindfulness and spirituality to teach people to disempower negative beliefs, detach worthiness from weight, and co-create an inner narrative to access the love, courage, and confidence we need to live a full potential life.





What is the Evolution?
The Evolution is my monthly membership for women to break free from imposed limiting beliefs, awaken confidence, reclaim worthiness and revive the energy to experience success and happiness one day at a time.
Which level should I choose?
In Level 1: The Practice you receive bi-weekly content to listen to or watch, as well as a guide from me on where that particular practice originated, why its effective, how to use it in your daily life and the benefits you’ll experience.

Level 2: The Integration takes the content from Level 1 deeper with a private community for support, accountability and resource sharing as well as weekly livestreams with me to connect and learn how to integrate our latest teachings.

Level 3: The Immersion has all of the previous two levels, but is for the woman who is really ready to take her life back and make a change. We’ll meet monthly as an intimate mastermind on a group coaching call with me to dive deep into exactly what you’re dealing with today. Once a year we will come together in New York City for a weekend retreat. This is the closest to private coaching with me that there is.

Tell me about the 7 day free trial
Join today for $0 and you get your first practice immediately. You have a full week to connect with it, connect with yourself, and take time to really experience how it feels, without thinking about your wallet. You will be asked for your payment information when you sign up, but will not be charged until your 8th day.
How is content released, and how often?
Every other Sunday night you’ll receive an email from me with your practice for the upcoming week.
In Level 2 and 3, our livestreams will take place at 8:15am EST every Tuesday in our private Facebook community. They will be available for replay immediately after and indefinitely.
In Level 3, our live coaching calls will be held the first Wednesday of each month at 9pm EST. We will send a replay afterwards.
How much time does it require?
Level 1: 5 minutes per day

Level 2: 5 minutes per day + 20 minute livestream per week

Level 3: 5 minutes per day + 20 minute livestream per week + 60 minute call per month

I’m new to spirituality, mindfulness and this whole world. Is this for me?
The Evolution is perfect for you. No matter where you’re starting from, we’re all evolving together week-by-week. Let me guide you; all you need to do is be willing to try. You’ll learn new tools and new things about yourself.
I’ve worked with you before; how will this be different?
If you are in Sati365, the content itself will be familiar, but it will be unfolding differently, with a fresh perspective and intention. Learn how to integrate your tools in a new way and expand upon the work you’ve already done. This program is the evolution of my work, and I invite you to come along with me as it all is revealed. For your Sati365 discount, contact Lucy.
What do I need to be a part of The Evolution?
For All Levels: A device with email access

For Levels 2 and 3: Facebook

For Level 3: Zoom

Can I upgrade to a higher level?
Yes! At any time. Simply email Lucy.
Do I keep access to the practices once we’re on to new content?
What if I need to cancel?
No problem; you can cancel anytime, and can always rejoin when the time is right. Refunds are not available.