I will remember 2020 as the year that I...

Became A Morning Person

Finally Meditated

Started Working Out

Launched My Business

Hit A Milestone

Fell In Love With Myself

It’s not too late to determine the lasting impact that this year will have on your life. (And it doesn’t have to be about politics or a pandemic)

You get to choose what this is the year of.

Write 2020 the way you want it to end.

Let this year be remembered as the year you did something great for yourself.

And you don’t have to wait until January to create what 2021 will bring. Enter the year as the person you want to be.

Install the new habits now.

Let your evolution begin.

a   f r e e   m o n t h – l o n g   e x p e r i e n c e

31 days

3 habits

1 goal

The Evolve Your Habits experience is for anyone who wants to upgrade any area of their life, and is looking for a heart-centered approach, a proven structure that works, and a supportive community.

With my help, you’ll pick an evolution goal and we’ll create 3 keystone habits to support your Inner Strength, Radiant Health, and Embodied Positivity. Each week we have a live call to add in another success principle and layer to your evolution.

Week 1: Laying the foundation of the new behavior you want to automize

Week 2: How to follow through and never miss twice

Week 3: Learning to use your superpower of self-awareness build inner strength

Week 4: Embodiment and visualization

By the end of the month you’ll have (at least) 3 new habits installed, a daily practice to inspire you, a community to uplift you, and a new identity to support the kind of year you want to have.

imagine if by the end of 2020, you were saying and embodying…

I am








in my



love life





Patricia Moreno

is the trailblazing pioneer of spiritual fitness and creator of the intenSati method, leading a conversation about the importance of each and every one of us waking up and changing the inner dialogue that’s been holding us back. She combines her over 20 years experience and expertise in movement, mindfulness and spirituality to teach people how to live self-love in action on a daily basis and to consciously create a life of inner strength, radiant health and embodied positivity. Patricia has devoted her career to helping people help themselves by developing keystone habits that make positive change attainable and sustainable.

20+ years experience in movement and mindfulness

1000+ leaders trained from all over the world

100,000+ lives changed for the positive