If you know me, you know I’m always in the middle of reading a book, or three.

When I think of my father, I remember him with a book in his hand. He never went anywhere without a book in his pocket and would read while waiting at a stop light, in church, at parties, while my mom shopped and even during commercials while watching TV. Our home was filled with bookcases overflowing with paperbacks he had read.

Recently I realized how I have followed in his footsteps. I carry around all of my books in my pocket often reading several different books at the same time, choosing which to read depending on my mood. Since I listen to books more often than I actually reading them, I am able to get through quite a lot of books.

How do I get all this “reading” in?

I listen while I’m commuting, doing housework, cooking, working out, lying in bed, grocery shopping, waiting for my girls at gymnastics, waiting in the doctor’s office, in line at the Post Office, on a plane, in the bathtub, drinking coffee before class…

I love reading because it fuels my hunger for learning and teaching. It fills my mind with new ideas inspires me to try new things, helps me be a better teacher, mother and wife, and helps me to stay curious and eager to learn.

Here is a list of 10 of my favorite books I read this year. Add these reads to your Christmas list or wrap up a book for the avid readers in your life.

  • Altered Traits by Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson
  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza
  • Mindfulness and the Brain by Jack Kornfield and Daniel Siegel
  • Peak by Anders Ericsson
  • Focus by Daniel Goleman
  • Love2.0 by Barbara Fredrickson
  • The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali
  • The Power of Story by Jim Loehr
  • The Confidence Gap by Russ Harris
  • Loving What Is by Byron Katie

What was one of your favorite books you read this year? I’d love to know!