Sometimes we don’t want to feel our own pain, fear, guilt or sadness. We have judgment around having negative feelings and that often leads to trying to sleep, drink or eat them away or ignore them. The problem is that doesn’t work. Eventually we explode at the littlest thing and find ourselves embarrassed about our outbursts, our overeating, drinking or procrastinating.

All feelings are energy, vibration. If you want to stop being held hostage by your feelings try this method guaranteed to help you feel better immediately.

What is the answer?

The answer is to surrender to them, welcome the feelings and truly feel them. To be human is to have a range of emotions and feelings available to us. They help us get through our life.  What would life be if we couldn’t actually feel the sadness of a passing loved one or compassion for our hurting friends. When we are unwilling to be with our feelings because we are afraid of them or simply don’t like feeling them, we become a slave to them. Instead, simply remember that feelings and emotions are impermanent. They rise and fall and come and go.  When you are willing to simply welcome your feelings, cravings, pain or upset you move into the consciousness of courage, acceptance or willingness, which all have a much higher energy field. From these higher states of body and mind you will have access to constructive versus destructive behaviors.

If you are feeling guilty or mad at yourself for having these strong emotions or feelings, ask yourself, “What are the benefits of this emotion?” That feeling or negative emotion has its benefits. For example, if I find myself feeling frustrated or angry, that is information. It forces me to stop and pay attention to what I am thinking or believing that is resulting in the frustration.  It may remind me that I am not speaking up or asking for what I need in a situation.  If I simply try to ignore it, pretend it isn’t there, I lose the opportunity to make a change within myself so I can move on.

You are human. The gift of being human is the gift of a range of feelings and emotions. Feel them, welcome them, invite them in. You will find your life experience improving in extraordinary ways when you surrender to what you are feeling and find out what thoughts and beliefs are they a result of.

You are not your feelings. You have feelings. You are the one witnessing the feelings.  Throughout your day pause when strong emotions come up and simply experience it fully and set yourself free.