Most of us will deal with an illness or a physical problem at some point in our lives. Having the tools to deal with these challenges can significantly improve the quality of our life, so today I want to share with you something that is working for me.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in my knees and was told that there was nothing that could be done. The pain can be quite strong and I was limiting my workout to simply body parts that didn’t hurt, but I was seriously missing the intense sweat and the endorphin rush I had been so accustomed to. Power-walking has been the only workout regime that makes me feel a release in the stiffness of my joints. During one of my walks, I was listening to a talk by Dr. Hawkins, who was teaching about the power of consciousness, how our body is a reflection of what we hold in our mind and how important it is to not call our illnesses or pains “ours”.

When I heard Dr. Hawkins’ lecture I was reminded of the importance of flipping my script and activating the self-healing process in my own body – specifically my knees. He offered two very important steps that I have been incorporating and finding great results with.

Don’t label or personalize the pain or illness, so avoid statements like, “I have arthritis” or “My arthritis is acting up”. Instead, Dr. Hawkins recommends that you let go of resisting sensations we are feeling and stop labeling them. Welcome the sensations and replace the label with “I no longer believe in that, I am an infinite being and I am no longer subject to that.”

We have to cancel our belief in the illness and remember that our body is a reflection of what we hold in our minds. The body cannot experience itself, so the pain that we feel is only in our consciousness. When you hear yourself labeling it or personalizing it say, “I cancel that belief in arthritis. I am a person who once thought that but I am only subject to what I hold in mind. I am an infinite being and I am no longer subject to that.”

When I took this on I started to simply feel the energy and experience it completely and found that as I did this over and over, the pain I was experiencing went away and instead of power walking I found within myself the urge to start jogging, something I believed I was literally unable to do. It has been five days in a row now that I have gone jogging from 30-60 minutes at a time with absolutely no pain.

I encourage you to notice your thoughts around any pain or illness you are experiencing, and challenge your negative thoughts. Don’t label them, but feel the experience and then cancel the belief in it as you remind yourself that in consciousness there are no limits, and that you are only subject to what you hold in mind.

I am so inspired by the progress I have made in such a short amount of time that I think it is worth a try.