terry_250“I was introduced to intenSati years ago and immediately fell in love. A dedicated intenSati practice helped me transform my body AND quiet the negative voice in my mind. The genius of moving your body while repeating empowering statements has a deep and lasting impact. Patricia has been a highly acclaimed leader in the world of fitness for two decades and is now emerging as a thought leader for the mind/body/spirituality space. If you don’t know her…you should. No doubt Oprah and Super Soul Sunday will be calling soon!”

Terri Cole, LCSW
Successful Strategies and Actionable Steps to Create a Life and Career You Love!



gabby bernstein“Patricia Moreno is one of the most passionate and soulful leaders I know. She has guided me through great shifts in my life and I am honored to call her my friend.”

New York Times bestselling author




“I love Patricia’s work, she’s a wise and giving leader in the mind-body field. Few people create something new. Patricia is one of those pioneers that change the game. With intensati she created more than just another fitness program, Patricia unleashed a total attitude re-boot. You’re left feeling strong, joyful and ready to tackle anything.”
New York Times bestselling author




“Patricia Moreno is pure magic. Her class is a unique blend of physical sweat & spiritual fitness that leaves you feeling super sexy – both body & soul! It is like a temple for me. I leave so deeply uplifted. So incredibly inspired – and it stays with me. There is nothing else like it, no comparison, so you just have to try it! #bestyearever”
Alysia Reiner



“Patricia Moreno has created an amazingly inspiring workout that is wonderful to do as an individual or as a team!”
Lauren Bush Lauren
FEED projects
“Creating good products to help FEED the world.”



“Patricia is our favorite group fitness teacher. Her style of movement is where “spirituality meets ninja.” With intenSati, you work out twice as hard, on the emotional/mental level and on your bod. Her workouts push you to a special place physically, mentally and spiritually. And her voice is like no other! Finally, something that shifts your inner dialogue: She, and you, speak to you using mantras while you exercise. You’ve never been so uplifted while toning your butt. If you can’t be with Patricia in person, her DVDs are the next best.”
Laurie Gerber
Handel Group Life Coaching



“Patricia Moreno is one of the most gifted and inspirational leaders I have ever known. Her endless commitment to the success of her students at Equinox in both movement quality and fitness is unparalleled. Patricia’s approach and philosophy behind all her work, first and foremost intenSati, have changed the landscape of fitness, wellness and life maximization for her participants. She continues to set herself apart as a thought leader as she so beautifully incorporates mind-connection with progressive and ever-evolving programming, leading to much deeper and on-going member engagement.”
Carol B. Espel, MS
Senior Director of Group Fitness and Pilates at Equinox



Petra Kolber
“I am lucky enough to be able to call Patrica both a mentor and friend. I have known Patricia for over 20 years and from the moment I met her I knew she was here to be of immense service to this world. Patricia walks her walk and talks from her heart. She takes people and moves them into their potential. Patricia embodies the words grace and compassion. She shifts people’s hearts and shapes their dreams. Patricia is in this world to lift us up. The world is sweeter because of Patricia.”

Petra Kolber
Creator of Moving to Happiness



Meggan Watterson
“Patricia Moreno is pure, raw empowerment. She embodies the truth that there is no separation between the body and soul. We can choose to live our lives led by the voice of fear inside us- OR- we can heed the “I AM” statements of love and light that the soul has set on replay for us to live by. If you want to get to the truth of what’s holding you back- seek out Patricia to help lead you back to the power within. And you’ll be sweating with joy the whole way.”
Meggan Watterson
Speaker, Spiritual misfit, & author of REVEAL: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually Naked



Kate Northrup
“Patricia is a total power-house! I absolutely love sweating with her at intenSati because it makes me feel stronger and like I can do anything. When she speaks, whether it’s in front of hundreds, in front of a small class, or just to me over coffee, her wisdom and vulnerability are an intoxicating mix. I’m grateful to have her as a friend and as an inspiration for how to live life on purpose.”
Kate Northrup
Bestselling author of Money: A Love Story



Josh Grau“I had the great pleasure of meeting Patricia and hearing her amazing life story while also presenting at the Equinox Global Fitness Summit in 2013. Of the hundreds of keynotes and presentations I’ve seen in my career, I have to say Patricia is one of the most inspiring and gifted storytellers I have ever come across. She has such passion and energy, yet is also humble and incredibly truthful. I was hanging on her every word, and immediately started following her on Twitter in the hopes that I could digest some daily nuggets of her zen wisdom. I can only imagine how transformative her in-person workouts are… if only I lived closer!”
Josh Grau
Director of Brand Strategy, Twitter



Sarah Robb O’Hagan, President of Equinox“I have had the great pleasure of hearing Patricia speak and tell her inspiring story of a life transformed by the power of self belief. She has lessons that absolutely everyone can learn from – and she will leave you ready to walk out the door and take on the world of opportunity that is in front of you. Patricia is an awesome life force – inspiring, funny, passionate, powerful – you will never forget her fantastic life lessons!”
Sarah Robb O’Hagan, President of Equinox