One of the bravest things we can do in life is admitting that we really want a change, because once we admit it, we have a choice: to take action or to procrastinate until it’s too late and we shrink our dreams to fit our current capability.

The only thing standing between you and the life you want is action. And the most surefire way to fail is to procrastinate; it’s the biggest killer of dreams.

You may be the “I’m too busy” kind of procrastinator, or the “I just haven’t decided yet” kind, or maybe the spiritual “If it is meant to be it will just happen” kind of procrastinator. But all procrastinators have one thing in common: fear. Fear of not achieving what you want, fear of it not working out, fear of it being too hard or stressful. The way to break free from the grip of the dream crushing fear is action.

The only thing I beg of you is to take yourself, your dreams, and your goals seriously. Put your stake in the ground, and take daily action until you succeed.

I remember when I wanted to write my first book, I wrote a book proposal, hired a book agent and she shopped it around and all I got from it was a dozen “no thank you”s. I felt totally defeated. So I just wrote. I wrote until I believed in myself and saw myself as a writer.

About a month later, one of my wife’s patients heard about intenSati and exclaimed “Patricia needs to write a book and I will introduce her to my book agent!” This woman’s book agent was so excited that he arranged to have someone from the publisher’s office come to my class. As soon as class was over she offered me a deal. I rarely do this but I think this is amazing. I’d love to offer you a deal right now.”

It wasn’t rocket science. It wasn’t magic. It was action.