OMG! I just realized I am in the population of sedentary fit people. Who are we? We go to the gym religiously. We rarely miss a workout. We post about out fitness routines with pride and then we sit the rest of the time.

We used to be congratulated for our accomplishments, but since the latest research has emerged even our daily sweat session isn’t enough to keep us from falling into the category of at risk people. The author of the study is Dr. James Levine, a leading researcher on the health hazards of sitting too much and who is credited with coining the mantra, “Sitting is the new smoking”. He states that people like me are likely to develop illnesses like various types of cancer, heart disease and type two diabetes, as well as being more prone to cancer and depression.

If your day consists of getting up and working out, then sitting at a desk, eating lunch at a table, then going back to your desk, then eating dinner, then cozying up on the couch before you lie down for 7 hours of sleep, pay attention. You too may be a sedentary fit person who could use some of my favorite tips to add more movement into your life! Even if you exercise up to an hour a day that adds up to 7 hours of movement a week. Our ancestors moved up to ten times that amount. The average American sits up to 9 hours a day and that increased sitting tends to shut down the body. The more convenient life is, the more sedentary we have become.

Here are my top 10 ways move from sedentary fit person to active fit person:  

  1. Skip the elevator or escalator and choose the stairs – it’s an obvious one, but many people don’t do it.
  2. Stop asking your kids to get things for you, get up and get it yourself.
  3. Instead of going out to eat or ordering in, cook your meals yourself.
  4. Drink LOTS of water during the day so you have to get up to pee more often.
  5. Sit on the floor while watching TV and do simple stretches.
  6. Choose the less convenient parking place, restaurant, or shopping mall and walk.
  7. Set a timer so that you get up out of your chair every 30 minutes for a stretch break.
  8. Use a Bosu or exercise ball instead of a chair which will add more fidgeting to your sitting.
  9. Have more walking meetings, it has been proven to increase creativity.
  10. Set up walking phone dates. When catching up with friends and family always walk.

As our life becomes filled with convenience gadgets, online shopping, and increased attachments to our phones and computers, our sedentary lifestyle is putting us at risk of losing what you can’t pay for: health.

Never forget the value of health, it is the real wealth, and sometimes the conveniences of life leads us to living a more inconvenient life down the road.

Let’s move it!