NOVEMBER 15-17, 2019 IN NYC

We are training minds, bodies and hearts to flip the script from soul-draining self-deprecation to audacious self-love.

The time for change is NOW and the person you are waiting for is YOU.

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Come together with all leaders-in-training and learn the trademarked practice and principles of the intenSati Method, as well as basic teaching fundamentals from current leaders and Patricia Moreno.

FRIDAY 6pm – 9pm
Intention setting ritual and celebration

In-depth training experience


The heart and soul of the intenSati Leadership Training, Sati365 is a 12-month online program during which you will learn to live what you are teaching, the science of change work, the power of intention and moving with mindfulness.

  • 12 Guided Morning Practices
  • 12 intenSati Workouts (60 min)
  • 24 Short Workouts (10 min)
  • 12 Guided Evening Meditations
  • 12 Mood Boosters
  • 12 intenSati Audio Workouts
  • 1000 Wisdom Minutes Podcasts
  • Access to Private Facebook Group


Your annual license to teach intenSati, monthly access to everything you need to teach the and daily connection to the leader community.

  • 12 Recorded Live Classes
  • 12 Leader Livestreams
  • 12 Step-by-Step Class Guides
  • 12 Choreography Breakdown Videos
  • 12 Playlist Suggestions
  • Annual Certification Upkeep


Are you a body positivity advocate looking for a way to move mindfully and lovingly?


Are you a life coach who has the mental game covered and want to offer more value to your clients?


Are you a fitness professional who wants to be inspired by a new format that will allow you to be a pioneer in fitness that trains mind-body-soul?
Are you looking to make a change for yourself?


Melanie Buck took her first intenSati class in 2013 one class is all it took her to put the stake in the ground for a healthier, happier, and freer life. Since then she has gone back to school and graduated with her masters degree, made radical changes to her physical and mental health, found the love of her life and now teaches intenSati to young girls at camp every summer.

“I found myself, my purpose, the most amazing community and the life I love.”

Natalia Mehlman Petrzela is a historian and assistant professor at The New School in NYC. Her passion for intenSati developed while she was writing her doctoral thesis at Stanford University and realized that by taking the class her writing process improved drastically. Natalia is now a published author and one of the most popular intenSati instructors in New York City.

“If you can muster the courage to declare your strength and push past your boundaries in an exercise class – you can do it beyond the gym.”

Dr. Wendy Suzuki is a neuroscientist and professor at NYU. Similarly to Natalia, Wendy found herself more concentrated at work and during her writing when she started doing intenSati. This caught her attention, and she started a research program to study the effect of exercise on the brain, and used intenSati as the prototype model. The outcome of that research is the best-selling book Healthy Brain, Happy Life.

“The long-term impact of my IntenSati leader training went beyond my wildest expectations.”