intimate 12-month mastermind for 10 evolving women

This year-long mastermind creates the space for ten women to share vulnerably, dream big, exercise their power and ultimately evolve into powerful co-creators of their own reality; shaping and influencing the outcome of their own lives.

In this circle, we create with unconditional love, unwavering consistency, extraordinary effort, intentional language and uplifted spirits. We take a stand for our fellow luminaries, and we celebrate and honor each other wildly.

By application only.

is the trailblazing pioneer of spiritual fitness, leading a conversation about the importance of each and every one of us waking up and changing the inner dialogue that’s been holding us back. She combines her over 20 years experience and expertise in movement, mindfulness and spirituality to teach people to disempower negative beliefs, detach worthiness from weight, and co-create an inner narrative to access the love, courage, and confidence to live a full-potential life. She has created her own practices to integrate spiritual fitness into the lives of hundreds of thousands worldwide.

Each month we gather for a beauitful and deeply experiential dinner at Patricia’s home outside New York City for an intimate and upscale evening of masterminding with gorgeous food and drinks, intoxicating music, transcendent sound healing, rich ceremonial practices, and deep discussion and breakthroughs. Each woman will have the opportunity to share what she desires celebration, support or reflection upon.

Each woman will be matched with another fellow luminary to be her partner in accountability for these twelve months. Pairs will speak or meet at the time and frequency of their choosing.

Enrich your daily practice at home with full access to Patricia’s Evolution Library with over 500 original guided practices such as meditation, breathwork, visualization, podcasts, mood boosters, audio and video workouts.

WhatsApp group chat to allow for and welcome ongoing connection, celebratory moments, calls for
support, real-time updates, resource sharing, and more.

At each dinner, a special and meaningful gift will be waiting for you at your place setting to take home.
payment plan available