Today is a doubly miraculous day.

July 5th is the day my twin girls Sophie and Stella were born and today they are turning five years old. When I look at my three daughters now, and reflect on all the challenges we faced trying to just get pregnant once, I’m reminded that miracles do happen.

I started trying to get pregnant when I was 42 years old, in 2007. All I wanted was a baby and I remember ending every intenSati class with this mantra:

What I desire is on it’s way, and it’s coming to me in greater amounts than I could ever imagine. This is the vision I choose to hold in a state of love and gratitude, no matter what!

Now, ten years later with three children, one of whom I birthed myself, it has absolutely happened in greater amounts! And I believe in miracles.

One thing my teacher always reminded me was “never worry about how or when it will happen. Just set the intention and let go. Infinite patience brings immediate results” In difficult times it’s hard to remember that life is on your side and that things are always happening for your benefit. Just do your best to walk forward confidently in the direction of your dream and expect a miracle.

Try starting your day with a vision of yourself happier and healthier and use my powerful mantra and fill yourself up with love and gratitude each morning. If you invest a few minutes every morning and connect to the power of love and gratitude, miracles we become a regular part of your life.