In the past I would often finish teaching a class and rush home to put on comfy close, binge watch reality TV while mindlessly eating. A plate of food and the remote control would help me completely zone out and turn off my inner chatter.

When I started my own business, I realized that habit was not only bad for my waist line – it was bad for my bottom line. I reduced my TV time significantly from about 3 hours a day to 3 hours a week and started watching only inspiring or educational shows and after having kids, TV time became non-existent unless I wanted to watch Dora the Explorer or Peppa Pig. One day I came across The Voice. I realized that after even only half an episode I felt inspired and ready to return to work. I have never promoted TV as a spiritual practice but I found myself using it to help me change my state, relax my mind, interrupt stress or simply move me back into my heart.

Every time I watch The Voice I cry my eyes out and laugh a lot. I cry when contestants pass the round, and when they don’t. I laugh when my daughters jump around and sing and dance and imitate the singers and give their opinion about what they like as well. It takes me out of my head for a few minutes and into my heart.
When I imagine how many hours of work the contestants have put in, most at such a young age, developing their talent, I am inspired. When I feel them overcome their fear and self-doubt or lose with such gratitude and humility, I am moved. So sometimes if I am in the middle of a writers block or I feel like I need to get reconnected to my heart I turn on the voice and watch, even for 15 minutes and I feel good again. Much better for my waist line than grabbing a box of girl scout cookies or a bar of chocolate for sure!

I am a fan of making the mundane things in our life spiritual practices. Those mindless things that fill up our day can be turned into moments of purposeful practice if we do it consciously. Often when I am brushing my teeth I will say a mantra like, “May words bring blessings to others today.” Or when I am washing my body I will repeat, “Thank you, thank you.” But I had never put watching TV on that list! An episode of The Voice turned into one of the many tools in my tool box and my way of making the mundane spiritual.

How much TV are you watching and does it leave you feeling stimulated or more stressed and tired? What else can you find in your daily life that seems like a mindless act of relaxation, but can be a tool for you to get inspired? The opportunities are endless. Find yours!