Yesterday I was scrolling through Instagram and landed on a post that stopped my in my tracks.

I read “Self-love is subversive in our culture. This process has to be disciplined, daily practice.” on Brené Brown’s latest post and read on to see a comment by author of The Body is Not an Apology, reading “the work of radical self love is a deeply subversive and political act that can shift the systems and powers of our world.”

Self-love is subversive. By this definition, it’s disruptive. It’s revolutionary. It’s rebellious.

I honestly can’t think of anything more important at this time, especially as women, than putting our stakes in the ground to disrupt the spell of unworthiness that we have inherited and cast over ourselves, trying to prove our worthiness—or more likely our lack of unworthiness.

We must now, more than ever, wake up and be more than our bodies, more than the thin ideal, more than our lipsticks and our handbags, more than mothers and daughters. We must recognize our power and value and we must start by changing the way we speak to ourselves.

It is not a lack of success in any area of our life that is keeping us under the spell. It is our own inner conversations, our own self-denigrating inner talk, our own fighting for and constantly affirming our limitations versus our strengths that keeps us feeling unworthy.

If we commit to waking ourselves up and retraining ourselves to encourage, love and empower ourselves with our own inner conversations, we will show the world what subversive really means.

If you want to make a difference in the world, it must start with the way you speak and treat yourself. It must become, as Brené Brown writes, “a disciplined daily practice.” It sounds easy, but the old programming has been handed down for generations. We are the ones that can commit to being subversive now and not handing it down any further.

So what is the practice for re-training your inner self talk? intenSati.

And here’s how we can get started today:

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