Sometimes all it takes is one tiny spark of inspiration.

When you’re stuck in a rut and can’t see the light, one word, one teaching or one workout can be the inspiration to motivate you to change. But the window of opportunity is slim and if you don’t take action on that inspiration, that door closes. The intenSati method is a workout that shakes up your thinking and your being and helps open our inner doors.

For some people, it happens after just one class. This is Alicia’s story…

March 25, 2017 was the day intenSati saved my life.

I was at a conference in New York City, 600 miles from my home, and landed in Patricia Moreno’s class… hiding in the back row of course. I was a shell of a person, dressed in long sleeves to hide the traces of permanent marker that had scrolled nasty things up and down my arms just days prior. I was drowning in shame and darkness and had no idea how to get out.

Class began and I heard “I am powerful beyond measure. I am stronger than I think. I am braver than I seem.” And all of a sudden, I could breathe again. That was the day the lights turned back on in my world.

One year later, I hardly recognize my own life. I am now a verified intenSati Leader and I wake up early every morning, excited to seize the day. I feel confident in every single area of my life and have learned that with consistency and action, any goal or dream can become a reality. intenSati Leader Training taught me how to stretch myself and Sati365 taught me how to love myself again. I believe in myself fiercely and now have a strong idea of what my life’s purpose is. One year ago, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to live.

Take action in your own life today. Sign up for intenSati Leader Training at, and get 12 months of Sati365 for no added cost.