Join Patricia Moreno’s year-long mind-body-spirit program that will lead you to develop the skills and muscles you need to achieve your dreams.

  • Do you desire change in your life?
  • Do you want to build courage and strengthen self-confidence?
  • Would you like to experience more love, more joy, more wealth and better health?

You can take control of your life and have all that and more!

A world-renowned mind-body expert, Patricia Moreno changes lives! Her revolutionary new program, The Practice, can absolutely open your mind to new opportunities, your heart to new relationships and your body to lifelong health.

Changing someone’s life is very powerful and you gave me the power to change my own. Thank you. – Gail


4-week full immersion into the principles of the mind-body-spirit connection

Monthly audio and video content that will lead you to achieve self-mastery.

Experience the thrill of consciously co-creating through a year-long enrollment


The Practice kicks off with a four-week online course. Patricia will lead you through four weekly webinars to help prime you for the journey ahead.

From there, The Practice continues with a monthly focus on making progress and developing your character, opening your heart, and strengthening your body. You’ll learn change-work strategies that will help you build your personal development tool kit.

You will be able to keep yourself in a high-performance state of mind and body, one day at time.

Rise & Shine to a Stronger, More Centered You

One of the primary aspects of The Practice is the wake-up morning program. You will receive a guided morning meditation that combines mindfulness, guided visualization, intention setting and a gratitude ritual.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy several program elements that will help to transform how you see yourself as you strive to be the very best possible you.

  • A 7-minute quick fix workout that will include cardio and strength training
  • A 5-minute yoga/stretch routine to do anytime to increase flexibility and peace of mind
  • An hour live-recorded intenSati workout
  • An audio workout to use for walking, running, biking or hiking (with intenSati affirmations!)
  • A 30-day challenge intended to help you develop yourself mentally, physically or spiritually
  • A lesson for the month delivered as a podcast to open your mind and heart to new solutions

Happiness, Clarity & Resolve

Change doesn’t happen overnight; it is the result of all the many choices you make every day.

By becoming more conscious, focusing on what you really value and taking responsibility of your state of mind you can become masters of your state of mind and body and masters of your future.

Thank you for opening my heart and mind to a new way of living and loving!

– Val


For $999/year you receive…


Harness your mind. Strengthen your body. Elevate your state. Put information into action.


Each month you’ll get a new themed Practice, new workouts, podcasts, affirmations, meditations and personal development exercises that will develop inner and outer excellence.


Your enrollment in The Practice gives you access for 12 months to the growing library of mind, body, spirit exercises so you can fill your “tool box” with strategies and live a high performance lifestyle