I was on my way to meet my wife for our anniversary dinner, and I realized that I didn’t have a card for her. If I know one thing about my wife, it is that she loves cards, I mean LOVES. So showing up card-less was not an option.

Though I was rushing to the restaurant, I dashed into a stationary store, certain I would find a card within the 5 minutes I had. No luck.

Don’t worry—this story has a happy ending.

In a hurry I decided to buy a small journal and write a card to her on the first page with the promise to fill each page with a note for the next 365 days. Each morning I would take the notebook and thank her for something she recently did, said, took care of or that I would normally overlook.

I thanked her for being quick to fix the things that were broken immediately. I thanked her for working so hard and providing us with a great lifestyle. I thanked her for making the girls lunch, for making us laugh, for washing the car and for making me feel loved.

After I wrote my daily note, I would leave the journal on the dresser for her to read, and afterwards she would leave it on my desk so I wouldn’t forget to write in it for the next day. There were times I didn’t want to write it. There were times I wanted to complain or point out what I didn’t appreciate so much or what I wanted her to change. Sometimes I would find myself feeling like it was unfair that I was writing all the thank you notes and wasn’t getting any back. But the anniversary gift was a promise to write a thank you note every day to her no matter what.

What I realized was that the gift was actually a gift I was giving to myself.

Whether you want to deepen your love and gratitude for a partner, family member, yourself or your life, THANK YOU are the two most powerful words you can express daily. It won’t always be easy, but it will always be worth it.

So who can you say thank you to today?