I’m not asking about the size of your biceps, or how much weight you can lift, I’m talking about mental fortitude.

I was looking through Pinterest today and saw a list of things that mentally strong people do, and was surprised because I felt like a lot of the biggest points were left off… so I created my own list!

Take a look below and let me know, how mentally strong do you think you are?

10 Things Mentally Strong People Do

  1. THEY ACCEPT FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERYTHING IN THEIR LIFE. Instead of acting like a victim or blaming others, they ask “Am I the problem, or the solution?”
  2. THEY MOVE ON. They don’t ruminate and rehash the past. They move on.
  3. THEY KEEP CONTROL. They don’t react, they respond.
  4. THEY EMBRACE CHANGE. They know that change is essential to growth and success.
  5. THEY PRIORITIZE POSITIVITY. They don’t waste their time complaining about things they can’t control.
  6. THEY ARE VULNERABLE. They choose to be themselves; authentic and transparent no matter what.
  7. THEY TELL THE TRUTH. They say no when they mean no, and yes when they mean yes, instead of people pleasing.
  8. THEY TAKE RISKS. They understand that if failure is not an option, neither is success.
  9. THEY STAY PRESENT. They focus on getting into a flow, putting all their focus and attention on the task at hand.
  10. THEY DO HARD THINGS. They are not afraid to get uncomfortable.

If you were to give yourself a score out of 10, based on this list? What score would you give yourselves today?